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Biztalk – Corporate Recovery Series #1 Deciding to Continue Business or Call it a Day?

    Corporate Recovery Services in Malaysia

    Continue Business or Close Down?

    In view of the economic contraction caused by Covid-19 pandemic, many companies which are not well prepared to face the situation is in a tough position right now.

    Directors now have to make a tough decision whether the business could continue or should they call it a day i.e wound-up, which is what we called “chap lap” in Cantonese.

    BUT are you aware, even if the company is forced to “chap lap” due to no business or whatever reasons, the company need to be closed down (wound-up) in accordance with the Companies Act of Malaysia?

    Talk to us today to see what option you have in such situations at +6010-231 9177.



    董事们现在必须做出艰难的决定,即业务是否可以继续还是应该将公司清盘。 但是您是否知道,即使公司由于没有业务或任何原因被迫“破产”,也需要根据《马来西亚公司法》将公司解散?


    How can Bizboard help?

    As a team of professional accountants, Bizboard work and liaise with various professionals such as legal advisors, financial institutions, government authorities and other related professionals to achieve the best possible solution and highest recovery for all stakeholders throughout the insolvency or restructuring process.

    Bizboard act as independent adviser to ensure the process is conducted in proper order and in accordance to the relevant laws and regulations. Our highly qualified team have worked throughout various cases in different industries and have an extensive knowledge of business and the impact on stakeholders when a company faces financial distress.

    Talk to us to know more.

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