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Company Secretarial Services

Companies in Malaysia are required by law to have a company secretary. At Bizboard, we offer a wide array of corporate secretarial services as well as company secretary services. We are a corporate secretarial firm that provides services to new and existing clients that require assistance with their companies, such as incorporation of companies in Malaysia, compliance with the regulations of Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or Companies Commissions of Malaysia (SSM), registered office services, assistance in general meetings, dissolution of companies, which includes striking off companies from SSM, and Voluntary Liquidation.

Incorporation of New Companies in Malaysia

Corporate Secretarial Services in Malaysia

As a business owner, it may be a bit of a hassle for you to incorporate your new company in Malaysia when you could spend that time planning your business activities and so on, which is why Bizboard can help you with the process of incorporating your company in Malaysia. By providing us with your preferred company name and other relevant documents and information, we can assist you to register your company with SSM as well as providing you with company secretarial services.

Registered Office Services

Pursuant to the Companies Act 2016, certain documents of a Company are required to be specifically maintained and kept at the registered office. This service is also provided by Bizboard as part of our secretarial services.

Assistance in General Meetings

Our group of experienced licensed company secretaries can provide you assistance at the General Meetings. Some of the services that we offer for general meetings includes issuance of notice of meeting, preparation, taking of minutes and management of meeting.  All resolutions passed and minuted will then be recorded in the company’s record.

Compliance With SSM Regulations

As company secretary, we also constantly advise the company on compliances with the relevant acts and guidelines.

Dissolution of Companies

If you find yourself in a situation where you wish to discontinue your company’s operations or cease business, Bizboard can help you with the striking off application, or through voluntary liquidation. With the wide array of company secretary services that we offer, we can assist you with all the different types of secretarial needs that you might need for your company.

Interested in Our Company Secretarial Services?

Let us cater to your company’s overall secretarial needs while you focus on your business. Be in touch with us for a free and no obligation discussion on how we can assist you on your company secretarial requirements.