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Malaysia Company Incorporation Services

Malaysia Company Incorporation Services are one of our most frequently sought services. With the assistance of our team of licensed company secretaries,  you can get your company incorporated in Malaysia with ease, provided the criteria of SSM and the relevant requirements are met.

Requirements to Form a Company in Malaysia

The most common type of company in Malaysia is a Company Limited by Shares (Sdn Bhd) which provides limited liability status to its shareholders. The requirements for forming a company limited by shares in Malaysia, amongst others, are as follow:

The director must meet the following criteria:
  1. Not an undischarged bankrupt.
  2. Have not been convicted whether within or outside Malaysia of any offence:

    a) in connection with the promotion, formation or management of a corporation;

    b) involving bribery, fraud or dishonesty; or

    c) under Section 213, 217, 218, 228 or 539 of the Companies Act 2016, within a period of five years

3. Have not been imprisoned for any offence referred to in (2) above within the period of five years

Under the Companies Act 2016, a company is required to have a company secretary within 30 days of incorporation. Also, company is required at all times to have a registered office in Malaysia to which all notices and communications maybe addressed.

Information Required for Incorporation of Your Company in Malaysia

The following information is required to incorporate a company in Malaysia:

  1. Proposed name of company
  2. Company business activities
  3. Proof of residential address of the directors
  4. Capital information such as sources of fund
  5. Occupation and contact Information of all directors, shareholders and beneficial owners
  6. The proportion of shares proposed for each shareholder

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