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Corporate Advisory

Business leaders make important decisions that require critical and quick thinking, which can impact the company’s performance as a whole. Companies want to make the most of every transaction possible and are in need of assistance to achieve goals in this competitive environment. There is a call for high-quality and specialized services to help a business flourish in today’s business climate that is fast-paced, which does not seem to be slowing down anytime in the near future. That is where we come in to assist you with our corporate advisory services.

Here at Bizboard, we provide business advisory Malaysia and solutions tailor made to accommodate our clients’ requirements as well as business objectives. We are determined to always be on our toes to assist our clients through all the stages of the business cycle. This would include start-ups all the way to expansions and even the unfortunate exit or disposal stage. Our consulting services assist any company that wishes to increase its efficiency and proficiency indefinitely.

For all your business advisory Malaysia needs, look no further than Bizboard as we help your company achieve the desired objectives.

Corporate Advisory Bizbord

Our Corporate Advisory team provides the following services:

  1. Business Valuation
  2. Financial Due Diligence
  3. Agreed-Upon Procedures (“AUP”)
  4. Financial Forensic Review
  5. Fund Raising Evaluation and Arrangement
  6. Information Memorandum Preparation
  7. Outsourcing (accounting, human resource, payroll)
  8. General Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory Services

We offer a wide range of services in assisting our clients to make better corporate and business decisions. This may include services such as independent business review to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company and develop viable options to resolve the issues.

For business transactions such as take-overs, and mergers and acquisitions, we assist in conducting financial due diligence  to assist you in making more informed decisions. Financial due diligence is an investigation, review and analysis carried out to confirm the financial information or facts, the business and its financial performance, financial risks and liabilities, which will support decision whether or not to proceed and complete a deal. Financial due diligence is an important constituent of a formal deal process.  

For companies facing management or shareholders’ disputes, we offer services such as Agreed Upon Procedures and financial forensic review to identify fraudulent, unauthorised or suspicious transactions, which will form basis for further actions to be taken by the parties concerned. The services cover investigations into the affairs of the company concerned to help support the actions taken on purported wrongdoings.

Our  corporate advisory services team work around the clock to assist our clients in achieving their business goals. We at Bizboard pride ourselves on providing a watchful eye and an attentive ear to all our clients as we help them achieve their objectives by making better decisions.

Interested in Our Corporate Advisory Services?

Need advice on corporate and business matters? Regardless what business you are in and what objectives you wish to achieve, get in touch with us for a free and no obligation discussion on how we can assist you.