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Share Capital

    Share Capital

    What are the changes arising from Companies Act 2016 in relation to share capital?

    You are familiar with the concepts in the Companies Act 1965 which practices the following:

    💰authorised share capital;

    💰paid up capital;

    💰par value;

    💰shares issues at premium or discount; or

    💰unpaid shares.

    But do you know that under the Companies Act 2016, all the above are no longer applicable?

    The Companies Act 2016 practices the ‘no par value’ regime. In short, there is no minimum value or nominal value or par value i.e company can issue its shares at a ‘consideration’ and would be recorded as share capital.

    How can Bizboard help?

    Bizboard has a team of qualified and licensed company secretaries as required in the Companies Act 2016 and Companies Commission of Malaysia.

    Our highly qualified team has worked throughout various industries and has extensive knowledge to assist the company in secretarial matters.

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