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Biztalk-Company Secretarial Series #4 : What should you do after incorporation of your company (Sdn Bhd)?

    Company Secretarial Services in Malaysia

    You have incorporated your company, a Sdn Bhd, so what should you be doing next?

    Well one of the next things to be done is to appoint the first company secretary within thirty (30) days from the date of incorporation of the company.

    The company secretary must be a qualified person and consented in writing to be appointed as a secretary.

    The company and every person who contravene this commit an offence.

    How can Bizboard help?

    Bizboard has a team of qualified and licensed company secretaries as required in the Companies Act 2016 and Companies Commission of Malaysia.

    Our highly qualified team have worked throughout various industries and have an extensive knowledge to assist the company in secretarial matters.

    Talk to us to make a better decision.

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