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Corporate Recovery & Restructuring

Difficult phases often loom unexpectedly and might jeopardise a company’s existence. The early signs of business failure begin with financial difficulties and this does not just occur during a recession. Shutting one’s eyes to the signs of financial distress before it gets out of control can be catastrophic. The possibility of insolvency or liquidation is high if a business is underperforming and going through financial distress. With the right guidance and direction, underperforming companies can be resuscitated or restructured into a stable financial situation in order for them to continue operating.

A Journey From Crises To Recovery

When a company is facing shareholders’ disputes that disrupt its business or the management has just simply decided to cease operations, corporate recovery and restructuring might be the best resort. Our team of trained professionals will identify and resolve issues affecting a company’s ability to continue operations, which frequently occurs as a result of the company’s short-term funding requirements as well as some other liquidity issues. In-depth assessments of the company’s financial position and actions will be performed in order to stabilise the business.

Solutions That Maximise Value

We offer a wide range of services to both individuals and businesses that are dealing with financial challenges. Whatever the cause is, our corporate recovery and restructuring unit, will act as your corporate advisor in assisting you to diagnose the problems while offering the right solutions. Your prompt action to bring the matter to our attention at an early stage is indeed the best decision as you will understand the options available in deciding the future of the company. As experts in the area, we have a distinctive goal, which is to provide you with workable solutions that maximize value.

With our deep understanding in corporate recovery and restructuring built over years of experience, we aim to find the best possible outcome for all the involved parties. We will assist you in restructuring your finances and debts while offering you the opportunity to focus on running and rebuilding your business.


Our Corporate Recovery and Restructuring provides the following services:

    1. Independent Business Review
    2. Debt Restructuring and Turnaround of Businesses
    3. Scheme of Arrangement
    4. Realisation of Assets
    5. Pre-Bankruptcy or Pre-liquidation Consultation

How Can Bizboard Help?

As a ‘one-stop-firm’ for businesses, you will work closely with our specialist to formulate a suitable remedy for your situation. Reach out to us now and schedule a free consultation on how we can assist you with recovery and restructuring matters. Together, we will explore the best possible options by taking into account the uniqueness of your situation.

Interested in Our Corporate Recovery & Restructuring Services?

Are you contemplating in taking actions to recover your debts? Or are you facing any issues in recovering your debts (or having difficulties in servicing your debt obligations), or is your company at risk of insolvency trading? Be in touch with us for a free and no obligation discussion on how we can assist you on recovery and restructuring matters.